Computer Systems Engineering
The most suitable suggestion that needs, the cost of the customer included.
Is it What' s NICOSU?
I suggest the system apparatus which fitted needs, the cost of the customer.
Do you not have a problem with the bankruptcy of the delivery supplier, the retirement of the charge designer, the loss of the completion book during examination by update and the remodeling of the deterioration system?
I cannot obtain uneasiness, the spare of the line stop by the cessation of production of the maker delivery apparatus, and is alternate device examination not troubling you?
Leave it to me, and Nicosu Corporation suggests a correct system apparatus to needs, the cost of the customer after the spot investigation.
From individual systems from factory automation to WEB monitoring system, product embedded software general system development
I help with operation, maintenance from construction in the overall information processing to globalize.
We Nicosu Corporation supports the construction of the computing system which a customer is satisfied with.
Siemens solution partner
We receive the authorization of the Siemens solution partner and sell the system integration with the Siemens AG product and the Siemens AG product.
Inquiry about a product, the service
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