Yasukawa motion SI society
Our company is System Integrator of the Yaskawa Electric official recognition.
The Yaskawa Electric Corporation product which included a motion controller, a servo, not only the inverter but also robot
I will cope with the request of the system which I made a main component flexibly.
Not only the panel but also a design, the production including a device is possible.
Plan, planning of the system
The choice of the hardware
A controller and servo,
An inverter, a robot are most suitable
I choose an apparatus and will suggest it.
Panel, design, production of the device
I will cope depending on the new production such as a panel, the control panel, a request including the update flexibly. A device design, the production is available, too.
Design of the program
Commencing with MP series
I can cope with program designs such as PC, HMI widely.
Setup of a device, facilities
I perform the setup of a design, a panel and the device which I produced.
Wiring work or the construction are available, too.
MP2000 series
MP3000 series
MECHATROLINK-adaptive product concerned
Σ-X series
Σ -7 series
Σ-V series
GA700, GA500
A1000, V1000, J1000, U1000
Varispeed G7
The engineering mainly composed of electric equipment products has large number of delivery results
Other than the product mentioned above, I perform the simple substance sale.
Including the purchase of the choice and the spare of the succeeding plane please feel free to contact me.
〒751-0829 2-30, Hatabumiyanoshitacho, Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi TEL: 083-251-1180 FAX: 083-250-6638
〒751-0829 2-30, Hatabumiyanoshitacho, Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi TEL: 083-251-1180 FAX: 083-250-6638
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